Traveling the roads of Istria. Zig-zagging the wineries to the coasts and hilltops.


This summer, retro-futuristic forms of art hit San Diego. Located in the heart of Mission Valley, "Wonderspaces" is a pop-art exhibit that's open to the public.

Greeted by wacky inflatable tube-men, this scene is extraordinary from the moment you pull into the parking lot. This is an abstract vision of art that reminds you of your acid-tripping days in college. Each room plays with a new combination of light, sound, color and texture.

Pro Tip: After you enter, head straight to the virtual reality center to sign up. Wait times can be over an hour but the sign up process is easy. Just add your name and phone number to their I-Pad form and a text will be sent to you when your turn is up.

Wonderspaces has a total of 16 rooms. Some rooms are pitch black and experiment with light beams- almost like an outerspace adventure. Another room features a gigantic helium-induced spiked ball covered in charcoal that you can bounce around creating patterns.


This is definitely a place for pictures. Have your phone charged and ready to go. There are so many combinations of color and lighting that make great photo opportunities.

Some rooms feature short creative films that have been awarded and recognized in Sundace Film Festival, Burning Man and SXSW.

One of my favorite things to see was an exhibit started in Canada called "Not Myself Today." It's a Mental Health awareness initiative that features pins for people to display on their clothing. Each pin is a different color and has an emotion written on it- you can chose from feelings such as joy or excitement- even loneliness and sadness.

Another interesting stop is their "Last Word" exhibit. Guests can take a piece of red-lines paper and write what their last words would be and place them on a cardboard wall. You can feel free to read other people's responses as well as adding your own.

There are multiple virtual reality experiences to choose from. I chose  "show it 2 me" which is an interact music video. They strap you in with headphones and goggles and you enter a retro 80's-meets-new age world. Pink and neon lights surround you as you cruise around and scope out the nightlife.

There is no food provided here but there is a small concession stand that serves alcohol, soft drinks, and chips. Wonderspaces is great for kids as well. I took my eight year old niece and two year old nephew- both of whom enjoyed all the festivities and cool sights.



The Roman Colosseum. Beating the heat with gelato instead of a Peroni.

The Point

I am not just here to talk about traveling in recovery. Experiencing life is so much more than that. It's being around people, getting new hobbies, exploring new avenues, finding love and just sitting in the shit sometimes.

I plan on doing all those things and writing about it. Whether it be checking out new sites, going to karaoke or on a trip to Italy. In recovery all these things are scary yet so rewarding.

We lost part of ourselves when we were in our disease. I plan on recapturing my appetite for life and testing the limits. Who is with me?