The Approach

Staying sober while managing fun and travel require balance and organization. I aim to show you how to combine everyday life, struggles and new opportunities. Remembering that we stage our lives around our sobriety, not our sobriety around our lives.

My Short Story

After 10 years of putting my life on pause, I decided to break free of what held me back. My appetite for travel, love, and adventure was restrained by my alcoholism and the lack of confidence. Now pushing through all barriers, I am sober and traveling the world. I want to prove that life can be as exciting without the being in the fog. My life changes everyday but my sobriety does not. Some say I will fail, I am here to prove them wrong.

My Full Story

Meet the Team

I am anything but a one-woman show. I will be constantly giving credit to those who contribute to this site and all the adventures it will unfold. Including my readers.

Sober Tramp


Founder and CEO of sobertramp

Next Steps...

I welcome all emails and questions. You don't know if you don't ask. So contact me at sobertramp1@gmail.com